In the han dynasty, the mausoleum of king liang of the western han dynasty was buried by the king of liang, the king of liang, after the funeral of the king of liang in 144bc. The mausoleum was published by the state council as a key cultural relic protection unit in 1996.

Liang Guowang tombs of the western han dynasty "behead mountain for profile, wears away the stone for Tibet", including the queen Liang Xiaowang ling is known as "the world Chambers first ling", the mausoleum volume of more than 6500 cubic meters, the tomb there is China's earliest freezers, toilet, mysterious, acacia, build perfect, is spectacular. The painted murals of "four gods and clouds" unearthed in the mausoleum of liang are of high historical, artistic and scientific value.

Liang xiao-wang's mausoleum was located in the northern peak of mount mountain, mount xiaodong, west east, about 200 meters south from liang xiaoling wang ling, and discovered in 1991, the archaeological excavations in 1992 and 1994。